Talking It Out With Groff: Holiday Season & Pre Planning Opportunities

On this week's edition of Talking It Out With Groff Funeral Homes & Crematory we discuss the holiday season and how it may be a perfect opportunity to spend a few moments discussing end of life plans and wishes of not only an individual but the wishes of their family and loved ones. With families spread out more than ever, we understand that these conversations may not always take place; but we do want to stress the importance of these conversations because, as we often see, the beginning of the conversation may not be comfortable but you will definitely feel a sense of relief after knowing what everyone would like to happen. As always if you need more information or would feel more comfortable having this conversation with a professional, please feel free to call us at (419) 626-3632. #grofffamilyserices #evolvingforyou #unmatchedconvenience. With families spread out more than ever this could be a good time to needs and wants of family members and loved ones.


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