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Meadow Green Memorial Park Cemetery

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Watch the Video to See the Meadow Green Memorial Park Cemetery

Meadow Green Memorial Park Cemetery

Meadow Green Memorial Park Cemetery is a beautiful and peaceful place of rest. Conceived as a full-featured above and below-ground burial facility, families will find this a truly wonderful final resting place for their loved-one. With many options available, families can choose from entombment in our beautiful mausoleum, which can accommodate caskets or cremation urns, or in-ground burial.

We also offer a full range of bronze markers and beautiful granite monuments, which can be used at Meadow Green Memorial Park or delivered to other local cemeteries. Vaults exclusive to Meadow Green Memorial Park, as well as a wide selection of caskets and urns are available in our main office.

Please stop in our main office at your convenience and we will be happy to help you understand all of your cemetery options. We are open Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 4:00pm, or by special appointment. Our goal is to help you make important decisions for the future.

Watch the Video to See the Meadow Green Memorial Park Cemetery

Cemetery Flowers

Flower arrangements for grave markers and mausoleum/niche vases are also available, and all adornments purchased from Meadow Green Memorial Park will be placed free of charge. We have a selection of seasonally appropriate, ready to place bouquets for ground vases, mausolem vases and niche vases. Our convenient ANNUAL FLORAL PROGRAM ensures that your loved one will be remembered with flowers throughout the year, even if you are unable to place them yourself. Enrolling in this exclusive program means that our caring staff will help you remember your loved ones with an Spring Bouquet, Summer Bouquet, Fall Bouquet, and Holiday Wreath, and we will send you a digital photo after each arrangement has been placed. Our staff will also pay special attention to your loved ones site at each placement to ensure all maintenance needs are promptly met.  Call our main office today at (419) 433-5231 to enroll in this program. 
Annual Floral Program Pricing:
$149.00 ground vase
$105.00 mausoleum vase

Grave Flowers

Services Offered

Placement of vase accessories and outside floral arrangements
Note: Mausoleum floral placer available inside mausoleums
Price: $5.00

Annual Floral Program
Placement of Spring/Easter, Memorial Day and Holiday floral arrangements throughout the year for your loved one
$139.00 ground vase
$99.00 mausoleum vase

Remove, refinish and reinstall a placed marker
The price for this service varies by the size of the bronze marker. Please contact our office for specific pricing.  In addition, this service is only offered between January - March each year.

Leveling a placed marker by request
Individual Price: $30.00
Companion Price: $55.00

Installation & perpetual care of marker purchased from outside vendor
Price: $645.00

Snow removal off marker
Price: $15.00

Additional Information:
Perpetual care provides maintenance of graves and the cemetery through services such as lawn mowing and fertilization, and road repair.

Monuments and Markers

Permanent memorials, headstones and grave markers identify your loved one’s final resting place and provide a physical reminder of the relationship you shared. These monuments create a place to gather in memory of those lost, and to inform future visitors to the site of the lives that were lived. We are happy to work with you to create a permanent tribute to the life of your loved one. No matter what you have in mind, any gravestone or larger memorial structure you can dream of can be created for you.

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Rules & Regulations

Click here to view a printable version of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations. Cemetery clean-up will occur on April 2 and November 2 each year. All flowers and adornments from gravesites will be removed during clean-up. All non-approved, weathered or dated flowers and adornments from mausoleums will be removed.

Grave Maintenance

We understand that it can be difficult for grieving family members and friends to visit a cemetery before a grave site has had time to settle, and grass has had time to grow. Please be aware that it may take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years for a grave to settle and for grass to grow properly. Sometimes graves will settle years later due to ground shifting as well. Depending on weather conditions, and the time of year a burial takes place, this process may be extended or delayed beyond what a family would prefer. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, and we do our very best to keep graves leveled and plant grass seed at the appropriate times. We take into consideration upcoming weather forecasts and safety concerns. We encourage you to speak with our staff prior to a burial taking place to ensure your expectations of grave maintenance are realistic. Specific work orders may also be requested at any time (see below).

Request a Work Order

Should there be a concern, or work needed at a gravesite, please politely call the cemetery office and request a work order. Please be aware that weather conditions will affect the appearance of the cemetery. Maintenance staff at the cemeteries work hard to keep up with general landscaping needs, as well as attend to all work order requests.


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