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Our staff is constantly looking for ways to enhance the services that you receive from our funeral home.  We are excited to let you know that we have just partnered with a new website that will allow us to serve you and your family in a more meaningful way.  This website is


Create a free online account today at  Enjoy the opportunity to record how you want to be remembered by your family, friends and loved ones, even after you leave this life. You can record stories of your life, add pictures and video, describe how your end of life funeral event to be, even store private messages that are delivered to loved ones after you leave this life.


We are encouraging all of the families we work with to visit by clicking below and begin to tell us your story and create your last goodbye.


You will be able to:

  • Fill in your biography
  • Create Private Messages
  • Create the timeline of your life
  • Upload pictures and videos
  • Create lists of your favorite things
  • Build a Bucket List of the things you want to accomplish
  • Create your Last Goodbye


You will also be able to choose a guardian. Guardians are trusted friends or responsible loved ones. They co-manage your account and the accounts of others you select to share your information.


One of the reasons that you choose to prearrange your services is to relieve the emotional burden that your family would have faced.  Help them one more time by sharing with us the details of your life and what you want your Last Goodbye to look like.